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US-6594794-B1: Reed-Solomon decoding of data read from DVD or CD supports patent, US-6727463-B2: Arrangement for the working of three-dimensional, expandable upper surfaces of work pieces by means of a laser patent, US-6752733-B2: Internal combustion engine efficiency unit patent, US-3929198-A: Tractor-trailer pulling and guiding device patent, US-3962818-A: Reaction toy arrangement and method patent, US-3979137-A: Motorcycle trailer patent, US-3984830-A: Complementary FET digital to analog converter patent, US-4063215-A: High fidelity low frequency transducer for use at great depth patent, US-4066069-A: Heart rate change sensor patent, US-4152357-A: Platinum-tin hydroformylation catalyst patent, US-4214389-A: Apparatus and method for ignition identification of internal combustion engines patent, US-4218867-A: Haymaking machine patent, US-4258031-A: Feed composition containing ronnel and antibiotic A3823 complex and use thereof patent, US-4270752-A: Reverser apparatus for tennis rackets patent, US-4279452-A: Bearing assembly patent, US-4293427-A: Drilling fluid containing a copolymer filtration control agent patent, US-4317589-A: Auxiliary sun visors patent, US-4350922-A: Multicolor cathode-ray tube with quadrupolar focusing color-selection structure patent, US-4380167-A: Apparatus and method for detecting a fraction of a gas patent, US-4449941-A: Educational device for learning geographical names and locations patent, US-4450809-A: Ignition timing control system for an internal-combustion engine patent, US-4466881-A: Process for the preparation of (ω-fluorosulfonyl)haloaliphatic carboxylic acid fluorides patent, US-4528736-A: Weatherstrip installation apparatus patent, US-4567855-A: Lifting devices patent, US-4580877-A: Combined display panel of liquid crystal display and electroluminescent display patent, US-4605402-A: Softening of a composite absorbent product patent, US-4610090-A: Measuring instrument patent, US-4640282-A: Baby pacifier patent, US-4643564-A: Cloud height measuring means patent, US-4754961-A: Sheet feeding clutch mechanism for a sheet feeding unit patent, US-4833733-A: Method of making cut resistant surgical gloves patent, US-4944048-A: Self-contained RV sanitary system patent, US-4971403-A: Power brake for an anti-lock hydraulic brake system patent, US-4984176-A: VDH biocomputer patent, US-4989169-A: Digital tone detector using a ratio of two demodulators of differing frequency patent, US-5097076-A: Phenylalkyl glycidyl ether addition products patent, US-5114119-A: Method for laying a catenary and/or a contact wire of an overhead line patent, US-5172174-A: Transfer device with insulated shield patent, US-5182694-A: Corona discharging apparatus with automatic cleaning mechanism for corona wire patent, US-5243245-A: Structure and method of fixing housing patent, US-5261433-A: Wheel cleaner patent, US-5587776-A: Member comprising a polyurethane rubber composition containing an amino catalyst for regulating quantity of developer and developing unit using the same patent, US-5649037-A: Optical waveguide component and a light signal processing method using the same patent, US-5784302-A: High speed point defect diffusion simulating method patent, US-5967966-A: Flexible, adaptable plastic catheter system for inserting catheters for radiotherapy and method of use thereof patent, US-6022844-A: Cationic detergent compounds patent, US-6079370-A: Pet car seat patent, US-6080029-A: Method of manufacturing a spark plug with ground electrode concentrically disposed to a central electrode patent, US-6131417-A: Circular knitting machine with an exchangeable needle cylinder patent, US-6160114-A: Substituted tetrahydro-1,3,5-triazin-2[1H]-thiones as anti-atherosclerotic agents patent, US-6278279-B1: Path test for a DC battery back-up system patent, US-6332728-B1: Ball for ball-point pen patent, US-6357944-B1: Crayon protector patent, US-6468299-B2: Stent delivery catheter with bumpers for improved retention of balloon expandable stents patent, US-6499716-B2: Flush valve dual seal gasket patent, US-6785506-B2: Fixing member having layers with radiation-transmitting and radiation-absorbing properties, and a fixing assembly including such a fixing member patent, US-3857132-A: Pipeline pig operable in two directions patent, US-3859485-A: Occupant sensor seat switch patent, US-4077280-A: Transmission patent, US-4289742-A: Carbon black recovery patent, US-4526402-A: Ski guard patent, US-4639961-A: System for removing air from waterbed patent, US-4706506-A: Pickup for measuring forces and torques and application of such a pickup to a follower and a gripper patent, US-4826330-A: Linear guide apparatus with end caps having fitting protrusions patent, US-4833767-A: Locksmith's door spreading tool patent, US-4934253-A: Axial piston pump patent, US-4996360-A: Preparation of arylsulfonyl (alkyl) amides patent, US-5165693-A: Method of playing a bowling card game patent, US-5219202-A: Impact resistant vehicle seat frame patent, US-5287749-A: Thermomechanical analyzer patent, US-5329820-A: Materials testing grip patent, US-5420381-A: Acoustical earmuff patent, US-5524600-A: Method and arrangement for controlling a tank-venting apparatus patent, US-5555179-A: Control method and control apparatus of factory automation system patent, US-5667761-A: Synthesis of gamma calcium pyrophosphate patent, US-5878201-A: Disk system and factory automation controller and method therefor patent, US-6044220-A: Method and apparatus for operating a data processor to execute software written using a foreign instruction set patent, US-6164501-A: Device for dispensing a fluid contained in a hermetically closed container patent, US-6270316-B1: Pump with suction and delivery opening along the same axis easy to dismantle patent, US-6345598-B1: 3-D braided composite valve structure patent, US-6421865-B1: Electric toothbrush patent, US-6475228-B1: System and method of controlling pressure in a surgical tourniquet patent, US-6557419-B1: Zero TCF thin film resonator patent, US-3955464-A: Expansible anchor for securing an object to a support structure patent, US-3989143-A: Upper strata chlorination of upper sections of clarifiers patent, US-4177135-A: Use of specific coal components to improve soluble coal product yield in a coal deashing process patent, US-4218060-A: Football training device patent, US-4308272-A: Process for treating hypertension patent, US-4481793-A: Knitting machine patent, US-4493536-A: Inverted telephoto type lens system patent, US-4575070-A: Rotatable toy assembly patent, US-4585281-A: Pressure-operated brake system for automobiles patent, US-4734882-A: Multilevel interrupt handling scheme patent, US-4755471-A: Tritium radioactivity measuring system patent, US-4763805-A: Underground tank assembly with internal bladder patent, US-4872548-A: Intermittently-driven belt conveyor patent, US-4981982-A: Condensation catalyst and catalytical condensation process for organic carboxylic anhydrides patent, US-5010207-A: Process for the production of trimellitic anhydride with superior color properties patent, US-5016320-A: Cotton gin feeder and preginner patent, US-5324044-A: Dart assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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